Missing The Mat.

My BJJ training comeback was short lived. The bulging discs in my back are still an issue and something I really need to get on top of, before I leave in a little over a month.

I really haven’t had a problem with them since 2008, when I first started feeling back pain which turned into sciatica – many visits to doctors, X-rays and MRIs and a few neurosurgeons later, and it eventually came good without the need for surgery.

Intensive physio/a huge focus on core strength, water aerobics, personal training etc.

The good run I have had since though is something I have taken for granted – and doing Jiu Jitsu, it was only a matter of time before my lack of ‘back maintenance’ caught up with me.

Trying to describe what’s going on in my lower back is hard – when I’m standing and walking I feel no pain. Sit/bend down or stand up though, and it’s excruciating on one side, into my hip joint and thigh.

Straightening my leg to stretch is tough, as is raising it in a straight position.

Getting out of bed in the morning would have to be the worst. Sometimes it takes me a good 5 minutes to work out the least painful way to get upright. So you can see how this ‘injury’ is not conducive to rolling!

All I’m allowed to do at the moment is light stretching and moderate walking – and I’m starting to see the extra kilos creep onto the scales.

BUT I must stay positive, must do everything I can to help myself and get strong, so I can get back to the sport I love.