Just Get Here.

“Even if you’re 20 minutes late to class, I’ll know you have work, just get here.”

My new instructor puts it simply.

We all have those nights, weeks sometimes even MONTHS when we struggle to drag ourselves to the gym – right now my 40 minute tube ride home from the office poses a mental challenge.

I sit (if I get a seat) calculating my ETA back in East London and how long it will then take to power walk .. will I make BJJ class? The kickboxing session after that? Did I even pack a sports bra with my gear this morning? Maybe it’s all too hard and easier to head home, eat, and collapse into bed with episodes of The Walking Dead.

Back in Melbourne I had my drive home from work to debate turning right at the roundabout toward the gym, or continuing straight ahead to my dinner waiting in the fridge. I’m ashamed to admit the indicator frequently remained off.

It’s the best feeling being on the mat – punching a bag, sweating it out in a circuit – but what keeps you away sometimes? Is it just the end-of-the-day exhaustion feeling like me?

Or do you have more pressing obligations, like little humans to take care of before you can indulge in your love of BJJ?

BJJ slump.

So I hurt myself playing with the big kids again.

I joined a grading class last weekend, Andrew was going for his orange belt (coach uses the kids system to give adult white belts ‘stepping stones’), lots of the blue belts were there to give him a tough rolling session, we drilled while he went through the techniques he had to know, then he got me for some scrambly white belt relief!

I felt a lower back twinge and hobbled off straight after class to get a massage. I have had three bulging discs in the past (not jits-related) so am very wary when I get back pain in BJJ.

Thankfully it’s not very often. But it’s also the reason why I hate being stacked – I freak out about my back and pretty much let my training partner pass straight away to avoid the pressure/potential injury. Not great, I know.

I haven’t trained all week – I haven’t exercised all week actually except for a big walk. Shame on me.

To be honest the motivation died pre-injury though, when the local Gi comp I entered got cancelled due to the organiser being unable to pull it all together. 

But tomorrow I get back on the BJJ train. Sophia Drysdale (old interview, I believe she has 2 kids now!), Australia’s first female Black Belt is holding a seminar at Dominance, so with a week of rest behind me I’m hoping I can participate without much pain, and learn a new thing or two.

Just being around some of the incredible AGIG crew should get me back on track.

** I have been told to ask Sophia tomorrow, but as it’s my first seminar and I’ll probably be sitting out some bits, I’m wondering what the general rules are when it comes to note taking, photo and video recording? Can anyone enlighten?