Just Get Here.

“Even if you’re 20 minutes late to class, I’ll know you have work, just get here.”

My new instructor puts it simply.

We all have those nights, weeks sometimes even MONTHS when we struggle to drag ourselves to the gym – right now my 40 minute tube ride home from the office poses a mental challenge.

I sit (if I get a seat) calculating my ETA back in East London and how long it will then take to power walk .. will I make BJJ class? The kickboxing session after that? Did I even pack a sports bra with my gear this morning? Maybe it’s all too hard and easier to head home, eat, and collapse into bed with episodes of The Walking Dead.

Back in Melbourne I had my drive home from work to debate turning right at the roundabout toward the gym, or continuing straight ahead to my dinner waiting in the fridge. I’m ashamed to admit the indicator frequently remained off.

It’s the best feeling being on the mat – punching a bag, sweating it out in a circuit – but what keeps you away sometimes? Is it just the end-of-the-day exhaustion feeling like me?

Or do you have more pressing obligations, like little humans to take care of before you can indulge in your love of BJJ?