The truth about chicken parmigiana

Not BJJ related … just a little truth bomb that was dropped on me by my Italian flatmate while at the pub the other night. I JUST ASSUMED IT WAS PROPER ITALIAN!? Mind blown..

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Hello everyone!!

I want to tell you a secret today… (I’ll write in English for the sake of all of you understanding!)

Chicken parmigiana is NOT an Italian meal. I’ve never eaten it, I’ve never seen it in Italy and I’ve never even imagined it!!!

I don’t know where it all started, I mean the legend about chicken parmigiana being Italian, and honestly I don’t even want to know! But the thing which is pretty annoying is that you will find it in every “Italian” restaurant abroad and it makes it even worse because it makes you think that the recipe is Italian. I’m probably stressing it too much, but I just want to let you know that if you go to a restaurant and order a chicken parmigiana thinking that you are eating Italian food, well… you are wrong. The same goes for spaghetti with meatballs, I’ve only seen…

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Author: gypsy girl

An Aussie in Alsace, trying to be braver in jiu jitsu and life in general.

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