So, Have You Ever Tried BJJ?

What led you to take your first BJJ class? I stumbled into mine accidentally.

I rocked up to my gym in Melbourne for my usual kickboxing session, but I had read the timetable wrong.

“There’s no kickboxing on tonight, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about to start – go jump in with the guys!”

I remember feeling so awkward, paired with a dude who was telling me to sit on him, grip his arm between my legs, press my chest into his back and try moving around whaaaat? SO many giggle moments for both of us and the poor guy may have copped a stray knee to the groin a few times too, oops.

I knew nothing about BJJ or grappling/wrestling or judo, but something about that class (other than the God-awful BO smell) stuck, and by my second class I had given BJJ a good google, and even bought a gi.

I’m a weird advocate for the sport. I kinda suck, struggle to make class consistently, don’t follow ‘the scene’ obsessively.. but I know how much I get out of training on a physical and mental level and am always keen to spread the love.

BJJ inevitably comes up in conversation when I’m meeting someone new. In this case that someone was a random Aussie girl I had followed for years on Twitter and vice versa.

She was in London, we caught up (met for the first time! Oooher) I mentioned BJJ and two days later she was wearing one of my gis and rashies, and attending Fightzone’s first Women’s Open Mat. Boom!

She had a blast, and seriously I couldn’t think of a better first jiu jitsu experience than with a mat full of friendly, uber supportive women.  I have a feeling I’ll be spying some BJJ tweets in her feed in the future.



Author: gypsy girl

An Aussie in Alsace, trying to be braver in jiu jitsu and life in general.

2 thoughts on “So, Have You Ever Tried BJJ?”

  1. Hi! As you stumbled across BJJ, I stumbled across your page! I read through your post above and had to comment!! However i didn’t actually just stumble across BJJ like you did, my boyfriend had started jiu jitsu a few years prior whilst I was competing in kickboxing! I had done a little bit with him now and again but just never had time to fit both in! One day I’d had enough of getting punch in the face and woke up wanting to stop kickboxing and focus on jiu jitsu and i’ve never looked back 🙂 My first ‘official’ class was actually a female only self defence class which made it a lot easier but it was still very unusual to be straddling another female trying to choke her! lol – eventually I decided to take my chances in a mixed class with my boyfriend and absolutely loved it! – As you mentioned above as soon as I was suddenly rolling around with another man is was a tad awkward and i certainly had a few shy/embarrassed moments when your hands accidentally land somewhere they shouldn’t or you suddenly realise the position your in etc! – but I tell women all the time how quickly this feeling passes! Your soon so wrapped up in not getting submitted or going for the submission you don’t have time to think about it!! A year and a half since i started I now have my blue belt and love it more and more every day, Unfortunately I was and still am the only regular female at my BJJ school! and it sucks! As much as i love rolling with the girls and it’s only improving my game, i do miss a bit of ‘equal’ competition if that makes sense? Anyway, sorry for the long reply just thought i;’d say hi! 🙂 Keely

    1. Thanks for saying hi Keely! I love reading about other people’s BJJ journeys. I’m very fortunate that Fightzone London has a strong female BJJ team, they’re wonderful girls to train with. Yay on your blue belt! And thanks for reading. x

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