Gi Weaves 101

29 Jun

Brilliant post on different types of Gi materials – it’s nice to have it all explained, I am totally guilty of the smile and nod “oh I totally understand the difference between pearl weave and gold weave…”

BJJ For Women

womancallingWe get a lot of calls asking which one is our lightest gi, and what is the difference between weaves. When talking about the weight of the fabric, textile industry uses gsm, grams per square meter, measurement. This however is rather meaningless to the consumers who will never test the material for gsm. It is easier to use the weight of the full gi set, jacket and pants, when choosing a gi.

Our women’s gis range from 2 lbs 8 oz for an A0 to 4 lbs for an A4. The minor differences in weights between different gis can be contributed to the design elements: pants loops, cord or flat drawstring, collar thickness, extra embroidery, and variances that happen in cutting and sewing. Half an inch extra in jacket or sleeve length as well as added reinforcements, patches, and decorative tape can add some extra weight.

The trend in the gi…

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  1. fenomkimonos June 29, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed reading it!

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