Greek Island Flexi Hopper Wrap Up

Really good read for fellow travellers weighing up paying for a tour vs DIY. I have used Busabout before and had a fantastic time – but yes you will be paying more than if you organise everything yourself.

How would YOU tour the Greek Islands? With a group like this or independently?

elly b

So we have finished our Busabout Greek Islands Hopper and my what an experience it was. When it came to deciding how to travel the Greek Islands there was an easy option for us… BUSABOUT. Having booked the North and South loops with them and having researched a variety of different ways to see Greece, we weighed up our options and Busabout was by far the most flexible, suitable and appropriate way for us to see this beautiful country and with the deals that you can get with Busabout- 2-4-1, 10% and 15% off its a great deal!! .

Why did we choose Busabout?
Having had friends who have organised their own way around the Greek Islands it was something that we considered. But with mixed opinions on organising a trip around the Islands on your own, Busabout took the organisation out of my hands but still allowed for…

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