*Crunch* “Ow!”

Well, this is one for the awkward and mortified files. 

I may have broken a training partner… her nose, I broke her nose and embarrassingly we weren’t even really truly, properly grappling at the time.

“Light/playful roll?” I’d suggested after class as we were going over the knee ride to far armbar transition we’d just learnt.

Living up to my slow off the mark reputation, she had mount in an instant – and we were laughing as I attempted to wriggle out from under her.

Hips up to buck her off, my head comes forward and… *CRUNCH* “oh my God!”
“Oh crap are you okay? Is it bleeding?!”

It wasn’t – but out came the bag of frozen peas and a mirror to check how crooked her nose was (thankfully it still looked pretty straight to me, just red and starting to swell).

I haven’t seen her since as I’ve had a cold and she has also been away from the gym to let her nose heal, but chatting over Facebook there appears to be no hard feelings. At least I hope there truly aren’t.

Just mortification on my side, and the awful feeling you get knowing you’re responsible for hurting someone.

Have you ever broken a training partner? Did it affect your future interactions/friendship on or off the mats?

Author: gypsy girl

An Aussie in Alsace, trying to be braver in jiu jitsu and life in general.

One thought on “*Crunch* “Ow!””

  1. I’ve given a handful of guys bloody noses before – I swear, some guys must be super sensitive, because I have no idea how it happens – and its kind of embarrassing. I also kick people in the face pretty often when I transition to an armbar (often enough that they guard their faces to prepare) – I’ve yet to learn how to stop doing that. It embarrasses me more than I think it bothers them, though!

    I’ve had some face bruising or scratches that I regretted later, though I didn’t blame whoever caused it… but just when I had to go give a speech!

    I know the guy who was throwing me when my knee busted still feels really guilty about it. Like, horribly guilty. But there are… very few hard feelings from me towards him about it. Unless I’m feel grumpy and spiteful, which sometimes rehab leaves me feeling!

    But yeah – we all [should] go into this knowing/expecting that accidents will happen and we’ll get bruised and broken, but hopefully only minor ones. Its always more embarrassing for the person who did the hurting!

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