If The Bunk’s A-Rockin’…

I have a new-found appreciation for hostels that sell ear plugs and eye masks.

For cost effectiveness and the social aspect, I chose to base myself in backpacker accommodation when I first moved to London. I’ve never been a fussy traveler, and have previously only had really great experiences staying in hostels. Girls dorms, mixed six, eight, sixteen bed – they’ve been fine. Rowdy on party nights sure, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

After this past fortnight though .. I may be putting conditions on my future bunk bed stays.

From randoms crashing – to dorm mates screwing randoms in bunks at night, in the middle of the day, in shared bathrooms.. I thought I was finally free of the shenanigans when I switched hostels after the first week. But the final straw came (heh) on my first night in the second hostel … when half asleep I automatically handed up a dress that had fallen from the top bunk onto mine.

I later realised the girl above me had a friend, and wasn’t just changing into her pyjamas.

Really, I should have seen it coming when I saw this in the ladies loos.

‘Stiky’ Boob, anyone?

And this in the stairwell.

“Wanna come back to my bunk bed?”

Though this message was on the dorm room door – “We have a strict one person per bunk policy.”

Just a tad hypocritical, you know.

** On the jits front – I am FINALLY getting to trying out a few clubs this week! Finding a share house and starting some kind of work has been the priority, then I picked up a cold .. but now I’m kinda settled it’s time to roll – and find me a new home club. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

Author: gypsy girl

An Aussie in Alsace, trying to be braver in jiu jitsu and life in general.

2 thoughts on “If The Bunk’s A-Rockin’…”

  1. Vibrators in vending machines?! Hahaha! The funniest I’ve seen is in a club they were selling sex perfume or something like that.. supposedly its infused with pig pheromones

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