BJJ slump.

So I hurt myself playing with the big kids again.

I joined a grading class last weekend, Andrew was going for his orange belt (coach uses the kids system to give adult white belts ‘stepping stones’), lots of the blue belts were there to give him a tough rolling session, we drilled while he went through the techniques he had to know, then he got me for some scrambly white belt relief!

I felt a lower back twinge and hobbled off straight after class to get a massage. I have had three bulging discs in the past (not jits-related) so am very wary when I get back pain in BJJ.

Thankfully it’s not very often. But it’s also the reason why I hate being stacked – I freak out about my back and pretty much let my training partner pass straight away to avoid the pressure/potential injury. Not great, I know.

I haven’t trained all week – I haven’t exercised all week actually except for a big walk. Shame on me.

To be honest the motivation died pre-injury though, when the local Gi comp I entered got cancelled due to the organiser being unable to pull it all together. 

But tomorrow I get back on the BJJ train. Sophia Drysdale (old interview, I believe she has 2 kids now!), Australia’s first female Black Belt is holding a seminar at Dominance, so with a week of rest behind me I’m hoping I can participate without much pain, and learn a new thing or two.

Just being around some of the incredible AGIG crew should get me back on track.

** I have been told to ask Sophia tomorrow, but as it’s my first seminar and I’ll probably be sitting out some bits, I’m wondering what the general rules are when it comes to note taking, photo and video recording? Can anyone enlighten?

Author: gypsy girl

An Aussie in Alsace, trying to be braver in jiu jitsu and life in general.

6 thoughts on “BJJ slump.”

  1. I’d always ask in regards to photos and videos. Some black belts won’t want to be filmed showing their ‘secrets’. Others are completely fine with it.

    Notes will always be allowed. We all learn differently. Notes don’t personally help me, but I know they do others.

      1. I tried it for a while, but I don’t think I’m very good at writing techniques out. Which hinders me greatly when I go back to re-read the notes, and think what the hell were you doing.

        I think I learn by feel, so with enough drilling, muscle memory just takes over.

  2. When I write up new techniques I try not to do it right away, but later in the evening so that I’ve already started to forget it and have to think more about what pieces were involved.

    1. I think heaps of repetition and muscle memory will be how I learn. Unfortunately my back is still playing up so haven’t been able to train again/try out any moves since the seminar =( frustration plus.

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