That Awkward Moment When..


I don’t think about these things on the mat a lot – most of the time I’m too busy defending myself from every angle to be very aware of what possibly odd-looking positions I’m getting myself into with dudes.

But there are those occasional moments when I DO think about it – and wonder at what point in my BJJ training did I become okay with virtual strangers sweating all over me, straddling me, pinning me to the ground and choking me out with their thighs? (not necessarily always in that order)

Some of my male teammates I’m pretty sure I had a bit of (clothed, obvs) crotch-to-face action with before we’d even had a proper conversation!

Bec Hyatt knows the fastest way to get a submission. Invicta 5.
Bec Hyatt (green crotch) knows the fastest way to get a submission. Invicta5

It’s funny how a fart on a mat can create awkwardness and clear out a space for a few minutes … but a tough roll between a guy and a girl in no gi, getting super up close and personal – no one including the participants bats an eyelid at.

A great reflection of the equality in the sport, mind you.

I have been single throughout my BJJ journey to date, so it hasn’t been an issue – but I do wonder if my next romantic interest will have a problem with my  hobby.

Are you in a relationship with someone who doesn’t train jits? How do they feel about you rolling about and accidentally kneeing the privates of sweaty men and women on a regular basis?

And I’d love to read YOUR awkward moment stories!

Author: gypsy girl

An Aussie in Alsace, trying to be braver in jiu jitsu and life in general.

6 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment When..”

  1. So funny!

    I tend to share with everyone how important my classes are to me, and how platonic the relationships there are (you CAN’T be getting frisky in BJJ – I really can’t imagine coming with that mindset), so I hope any future relationships wouldn’t care. No one has before. (That might be because I’m rolling with men, and I’m not attracted to men… but hey.)

    Hmm… most awkward moment?

    Well, farting in someone’s face is pretty dang awkward! At least everyone is too polite to say anything about it… *killmenow* (please, god, don’t go knee to belly… oh, yes, of course you are)

    I’ve had men awkward working with ME, but not really the other way around. You can tell when someone isn’t sure where to put their hands or if something is okay or not.

    Though I find any situation where my face and someone else’s bum or crotch is in close proximity a bit *cough* uncomfortable. As, er, with being choked between someone’s legs. But mostly in the WTH-acchk! kinda way.

    1. Oh God yes knee to belly has made me go off like a whoopee cushion! My initial reaction is to cough in a lame attempt to cover it up, then just keep rolling sheepishly.

  2. Awkward moment for me would have to be when I was caught in a knee bar in training.

    I could have tapped ANYWHERE, but I chose to tap on his ass (that sounded wrong) like 3 or 4 times.

    Like I could have hit his leg or the mat. But noooooo, I chose the ass.

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