1 Apr

I still have a few months before I head overseas, but am starting to investigate ways to make my BJJ Gi/gear as portable as possible.

THIS is cool. Though not sure about carting a damp and smelly Gi about like this after class!

Jiu-Jiu's BJJ Blog

At first I was going to the BJJ gym with a big bag slung over my shoulder. Then I started having some shoulder problems and switched to a rolling bag. Then, last night I saw the coolest video on Youtube on folding your gi into a super easy size complete with handle.

So here is my gi all folded up that way:
Cool way to fold a BJJ gi

Awesome, right? I no longer have to carry a huge bag. Instead I can sling it over my shoulder, carry the smaller items in a small backpack. Convenient and now my gi smells a lot less after class, since it’s not sitting inside my gym bag marinating. Ick.

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